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Mastercard Drive Through Gift Baskets

Drive-through gift-giving became popular during the pandemic. We created these gift baskets that contained an electric wine opener, a pair of champagne flutes, cookies & bottle of prosecco. The baskets Continued…

AliMed Dancing Man Speaker and Charger

Gaining valuable real estate on customers’ desks usually involves making the item useful or fun. We think this dancing bluetooth speaker, combined with a wireless power charger, in the shape Continued…

Snapchat Yo-Yo

Snapchat asked us to make a simple yo-yo – but using their strict branding guidelines to make sure we got their yellow exactly correct. They also had a very specific Continued…

Converse Chuck Taylors

Who doesn’t love Converse Chuck Taylors?! Whether you need high-top, low-top, or even Vans slip-ons; we loved designing these timeless kicks for an employee give-away at 1010 Data.


Both Better Cloud and 365 Ninja came to us inquiring about stress relievers one day, and both were left pleasantly surprised when they learned that we were able to design Continued…

Custom Shape USB’s

We love making products into custom shapes, and guess what? USB’s are no exception. If you’re trying to deliver files in a fun way, while also grabbing the attention of Continued…

Emerge Americas

Emerge Americas is a tech-focused trade show in Miami. For their inaugural year, they wanted name badges (among other items) that were truly memorable and unique. We came up with Continued…


To promote their new show, Larrymania, we created this spicy hot sauce for NBC Universo. To make it even spicier, however, we created an augmented reality app that would show Continued…

NBC Universo

Here’s another fun t-shirt designed to promote NBC Universo’s program, Top Chef.


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