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The future of commercial displays is here. Imagine if you could create fully customized, animated HD visuals out of thin air. Thanks to amazing commercial display technology this is now a reality! This new corporate digital signage technology creates 3D hologram images that will amaze customers and make your brand stand out from the competition. Yes, we said hologram signs! You have to see it to believe it. The illusion of a suspended hologram will captivate and impress your audience, allowing you to communicate and engage with your customer right in the store aisle.


  • Incredible new commercial display technology
  • Network multiple displays together and sync them in custom configurations
  • Using Hypersvn 3D Led technology
  • Full motion hologram displays available
  • Units can run continuously
  • Wi-Fi enabled allowing you to upload, manage, and update your content remotely




Hologram Technology & SOBO Concepts

Video and images are formed by a hologram projector with spinning blades, which weighs about 6 pounds. Hologram signs have a 22.3″ diameter and high-resolution display. The commercial display unit can run continuously once plugged in. Mount the display to a wall, custom-made structure or a structure hanging from the ceiling or other stable surfaces.

Easily Manage Hologram Displays

Each hologram unit is also Wi-Fi enabled. This allows you to upload, manage, and update your sign content remotely. Dynamically change and adjust your campaign on the fly for ultimate flexibility and responsiveness.
sneaker hologram display

Want To Get Started?

Ready to jump into the future of digital signage? SOBO can help. We can provide hologram content editing services or create content from scratch.

Have A Unique Display In Mind?

Whatever your needs, SOBO can provide varying levels of service. Tell us what you need or send a storyboard of the desired digital content, and we will create a custom quote.

wine hologram display

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By Dean Schwartz (SWAG Master): The future of signage and displays is here. Now you can create your display out of thin air. Amazing new signage technology creates 3D hologram Continued…

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